Blog: Something’s Going to Happen

Blog: Something’s Going to Happen

Dave Bowman: “You see, something’s going to happen.”

Heywood Floyd: “What? What’s going to happen?”

Dave Bowman: “Something wonderful.”

(Apologies to Arthur C. Clarke, but I couldn’t resist.)

I wanted to post a quick update to let you know that I have a project underway that I think you’ll enjoy, but to pull it off, I have to step outside the airlock and go EVA where this site is concerned.

I’ll be focused on my spacewalk over the next month or so and working hard to see it through, so I doubt I’ll have enough time at the keyboard to clack out any short stories.

I should add that I’m not necessarily trying to be secretive about my endeavor, but a little mystery never hurts. I’m sure I’ll eventually crumble and start dropping hints on social media, because I lack any sense of self control, so make sure you’re following me there.

I frequently (too frequently) transmit on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @davidkfiction.

Oh, and when I finish my zero-g activities outside the capsule, all I ask is that you do one thing:

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