Five-Year Anniversary Sale!

Five-Year Anniversary Sale!

Kindle Edition Now on Sale for 99¢ on Amazon from Feb. 26 to March 4!

Attention Kindle readers looking a new book for 2019: Starting Feb. 26, the Kindle edition of Tea in Crimea goes on sale for just 99 cents. The deal lasts until the end of March 4, so get it while it’s hot! You can pick the book up by clicking here.

Chances are, you’re already familiar with Tea in Crimea, but if you’re new to this site, Tea in Crimea is a political thriller set in Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine. It revs up fast and eventually explodes into a page-turning crescendo. I created the first draft five years ago as a serial fiction blog that wrote as events were playing out in Crimea and east Ukraine.

Here’s the synopsis: It’s February 2014: Russian troops have seized Crimea without firing a shot, but the scent of budding violence permeates the air as high-stakes political power plays impact the lives of everyone in the region.

Sergeant Viktor Belov and the members of Squad B guard a lonely checkpoint. Euromaidan activists and young lovers Danilo and Angelina run from a tightening police dragnet. An aging Tatar farmer faces increasing hostility from a bigoted militia leader. Two Western journalists hunt for the reason why 30,000 Russian soldiers suddenly annexed the Black Sea Peninsula.

Their paths collide in an explosive showdown that forever changes their lives. Russia’s regional power-play might take place on a massive scale, but it is the small, individual stories of Tea in Crimea that illustrate the true impact of modern, international politics.

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