Steal Bolton’s Book

Steal Bolton’s Book

It’s impossible to write for a living and not have an opinion on the Bolton case. Mine: Federal District Court Judge Royce Lamberth’s ruling was the only reasonable result of a case where both parties were acting in the Worst. Faith. Possible.

We know the Trump admin acted in laughably bad faith when it launched a second National Security Council review of the book *without telling Bolton and Simon & Schuster* and then announced it found classified info *the week before it goes on sale* (puh-leez).

And that bad-faith move is all the more preposterous knowing that NSC prepublication review lead Ellen Knight had told Bolton and Simon & Schuster in April that, after months of review, she had approved the manuscript for release.

No, the admin, using a now-politicized NSC, was making a ham-fisted attempt at prior restraint when copies of The Room Where it Happened had already shipped to sellers. Bolton’s book is the evidence the nation wanted (back when it counted) and the admin wants to keep it buried.

But Bolton also acted in awful faith. For a solid week, he has made excuses for never testifying in the impeachment. He compiled enough instances of the admin’s corrupt activity to pack a manuscript with all the gory details but didn’t do anything to stop it when he could.

Keep the timeline in mind: Bolton submitted the book for NSC review in Dec. 2019. Trump’s House impeachment ended in Dec. 2019 and his Senate hearing on the charges began Dec. 2019. Bolton was writing his book while the whole country clamored for his testimony.

Bolton did something very telling this week. Quoting the musical Hamilton, he said, “I’m not throwing away my shot.” Bolton clearly implied that Simon & Schuster’s $2 million dollar advance was owed to him (and to hell with what he owed his country, apparently).

So is it any surprise that Judge Lamberth would rule against the admin’s desire to block the release of the book, while also ruling that Bolton might lose his $2 million advance in the process? Why should either party see an upside?

The ONLY good thing to come out of this is that the public can finally get the evidence that was never brought to light when it could have counted. Basically, you can see what Bolton was hiding to protect a corrupt admin — as well as his future profits. 

So, if you really want to see justice served, I suggest you act in the best faith possible and steal it, Abbie Hoffman style. That way, neither of these worst-faith actors see an ounce of the satisfaction that is ultimately owed to this country.


UPDATE: It appears someone has uploaded a PDF Bolton’s book to a Google Drive. Go grab it while you can and keep him from profiting off of jeopardizing the nation. BTW, his arrogance makes it an awful read. If you ever want to plumb the depths of Bolton’s smug certitude that he did nothing wrong, start with the epilogue. The man is a walking, talking bushel of character flaws. Anyway, do you patriotic duty:



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